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Tear Downs - PIXMA MP780 Printer/Scanner

WARNING: No power should be applied while dismantling the consumer product, appliance, machine, etc and be particularly careful of any big capacitors (e.g., especially in microwave ovens) which could still have a charge (using a insulated handle screwdriver, short out capacitor terminals.

SAFETY FIRST: If you are going to dismantle a consumer product, best to wear gloves, eye protection etc.

This is a Canon PIXMA MP780 "all-in-one" inkjet printer, scanner and fax machine. The LCD display stopped working and the price of a new printer/scanner was the same as just the replacement ink cartridges for the MP780 - so, the MP780 relegated to a "tear down" as not worth trying to source spare-parts and or cost of repair (i.e., the "wonders" of the modern "throw away" economy).

Removal of the rear plastic cowling (needed a sharp thin-bladed screw driver to prise out section before it "popped" off) gives access to PCB board in the rear, and allows access to remove the side plastic portions.

With the plastic cowling at the back and sides removed, the scanner/sheet feeder assembly on the top of the machine can then be removed.

This then basically leaves the "carcass" which contains the print and paper transport mechanisms and associated PCB's, power supply boards etc.

There are a number of screws which when removed, allow various plastic panels, covers and cowlings to be removed.

The printer is now stripped down with access to the actual electrical components of interest.

A bunch of goodies exposed ripe for the picking.

The paper feed mechanism is a wealth of useful components.

The tear down is now complete. The "Salvaged Electronic Parts" Section shows the extent of the "booty". After dis-assembly, by the amount of plastic that ends up in the waste bin, goes to show how much of a "large" piece of consumer electronics is just empty space and plastic housing.

The "booty" collected:

Printers (particular laser printers), scanners etc provide large amounts of useful salvageable components.

A number of DC motors, stepper motors, electronic clutches, limit switches, power supply board, cable harnessing.

The main PCB (due to plethora of custom/specific SMD IC's) as unfortunately is often the case currently, not that interesting. However, backup battery holder (with battery), wire connectors, limit switches and some SMD resistors, capacitors etc are potentially useful.

A large collection of cogs, gears, springs and ever useful metal rods that come in handy for many DIY projects.


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