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Learning Arduino Nano Microcontroller

The table below lists specific items, components and or parts in relation to use or interfacing with the Arduino Nano microcontroller. The remainder of this page gives general background information about using and programming Arduino Nano microcontrollers.

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Part Number Component/ Project Description Data Sheet
HC-05 HC05 Bluetooth Module Demonstrate programming the Nano interfaced with the HC05 Bluetooth Module HC-05
PCF8574 PCF8574 Module Demonstrate programming the Nano interfaced with the PCF8574A I/O Port Expansion Module PCF8574
LCD/HD44780 LCD Demonstrate programming the Nano interfaced with a LCD display compatible with the Hitachi HD44780 driver HD44780.pdf
Matrix Keypad Keypad Nano interfaced with a 4x4 matrix keypad using I2C via the PCF8574 port expander module Keypad4x4.pdf
MAX31855 Thermocouple Driver Use the MAX31855 Thermocouple Driver to interface with a K-Type thermocouple to retreive temperatures MAX31855.pdf

Programming the Nano (Arduino IDE)

There are a variety of methods for progamming Arduino based microcontrollers, but I use the Arduino IDE.

Once the Arduino IDE files have been installed, enter/select the sketch in the Arduino IDE (eg FILE|examples|01 Basics|Blink)



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