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Power Supplies

Below are listed various electronic projects that I have worked on over time. Each project has been tested to at least the breadboard stage, whereas, many have been fabricated on either PCB or veroboard. In all cases, full details of the working circuit (including schematic diagrams, circuit descriptions, component selection) and any difficulties encountered during construction (and fixes, alternatives or work-arounds discovered) are given in detail.

Details of the various projects are available by clicking the links in the following tables which list projects by either category, project title or ID number.

Where I encountered new components, circuit ideas and or concepts I have not previously used, often I produced small test circuits to focus on learning the new item. Details of such experiments and learnings can be found on the Component Testing pages.

Sometimes I developed software (using either Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, CSS C++, or Excel spreadsheets) to help with various projects. Such programs, modules and or source code can be found on the Downloads pages.

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Project Title Description Difficulty
4A Power Supply 4A 5-20V DC power supply Medium
1A Power Supply 1A 5-20V DC power supply Easy
Using "Wall Warts" Using "wall warts" as convenient power supplies for projects Medium
Transformerless AC to DC Supply Converting mains AC to DC using capacitive transformerless conversion (low power supply) Hard
ATX PSU Conversion Conversion of disused ATX PSU (desktop computer) power supply into a lab power supply (± 12V, ± 5V, 3.3V) Medium
LM2596 Buck SMPS (3A 1.23-37V) DC-DC step-down SMPS voltage regulator (variable 3A 1.23-37V) Medium



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